Virtual Design and Construction



InEight Model

InEight’s VDC solutions enable unprecedented data integration to the model. Beginning at project concept, InEight’s VDC solutions connect project data and standardizes disparate models for clash detection. InEight VDC continues to enrich your model throughout project execution with field data for deepened project intelligence. With every piece of information about your project in the same environment, you can ask your model anything. Powerful data visualization capabilities deliver your data as graphical representations of project progress, issues and risk.

InEight ®


Combine Models into a Single 3D View

Enable a common data environment

provide visual reporting for all stakeholders

Centralize and standardize multiple models

into a single digital package

Identify Design Coordination Hot Spots

avoid clashes entirely

by running clash rules before publishing model revisions

Track accountability

by creating issues from clash results

easily group related clashes

into a single issue

Visually report on project status

Leverage powerful 3D visualization

to track detailed color-coded progress over time

Visually navigate enormous data sets

to bridge from design to construction

Access Models Anywhere

Leverage mobile tools to access model environments and project documents

Access links to any saved view of the model

Generate a fully indexed and searchable turnover package

Sound Familiar?

Project Manager

3D visualization of what we are building improves our communication capabilities exponentially, ensuring everyone clearly understands the complexities of the work.

I wish we could tie them together to visually represent them in the model.

VDC Manager

Animations and pretty pictures are nice, but a data-driven approach to VDC gives me confidence in the quality of information I deliver to field operations and project stakeholders.   

I need to provide design models to construction companies and owners. I wish I could consolidate and organize all of the model data I have into a holistic view.


The assets we’re building will last decades beyond construction completion. Receiving the 3D models indexed with all as-built documentation ensures we have the right information at project turnover and for the life cycle of the asset.